Garb0y When you don't see me on TeamSpeak in August, this is why: Uncategorized (27/07/16 - 22:09)(01:00)
Morphus1 NEED FPS FIX!!!! Uncategorized (20/07/16 - 13:58)(01:00)
Garb0y Uncategorized (18/07/16 - 12:22)(01:00)
bigwookie Tis very clunky, they do really need to fix the gameplay Uncategorized (17/07/16 - 08:25)(01:00)
Morphus1 Finally took a constellation out, after heaps of logging in issues. Still feels really clunky... Loads of work left to do. What I hope is that they are way further internally and are just releasing the dregs to us.. Uncategorized (16/07/16 - 13:42)(01:00)
Morphus1 yea but i only have one bay, so i can't add anymore... Uncategorized (16/07/16 - 12:52)(01:00)
bigwookie You've gotta place your stuff in you hanger now Uncategorized (16/07/16 - 08:56)(01:00)
Morphus1 so I log on... shitty self land hanger... figure out how to change hanger... only one level... put my redeemer in can add any more?!... No little atv either... shitty experience to start with again... Uncategorized (15/07/16 - 17:41)(01:00)
Morphus1 Great, drop me a pm. Wanna see what the lag is like Uncategorized (15/07/16 - 13:56)(01:00)
bigwookie Morphus1, Yes we take my Gemini out a fair bit Uncategorized (15/07/16 - 08:34)(01:00)
A-Lock-A Uncategorized (14/07/16 - 17:27)(01:00)
Morphus1 Wow wish I could play BF1, does 60hz servers mean the lag isnt so bad from overseas? Uncategorized (14/07/16 - 13:02)(01:00)
Morphus1 Can you guys actually play SC together? Uncategorized (14/07/16 - 12:55)(01:00)
A-Lock-A Uncategorized (12/07/16 - 18:46)(01:00)
bigwookie 25 more minutes Uncategorized (10/07/16 - 16:58)(01:00)
Garb0y How long is the Alpha, will you have enough time to download it? Uncategorized (10/07/16 - 13:21)(01:00)
bigwookie I've got on the BF1 alpha FU BITCHES! Uncategorized (06/07/16 - 09:46)(01:00)
A-Lock-A Search "G2A Den of Thieves" by Levelcap .. Shows how G2A are knowing taking a shit ton of money from the 1000's of people getting scammed on their site :( Uncategorized (26/06/16 - 17:37)(01:00)
A-Lock-A Uncategorized (26/06/16 - 17:35)(01:00)
bigwookie what was you trying to post there? Uncategorized (25/06/16 - 06:43)(01:00)
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