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10:45-- bigwookie: you on tonight?
4:47-- Morphus1: Went home, was tired.
22:27-- bigwookie: where was you?
14:13-- Morphus1: Say when.
14:13-- Morphus1: I'm waiting......
17:21-- bigwookie: 1 more night and I'm back baby
9:33-- bigwookie: Cool beans, join our group/thing/squadron on the link at the top :)
14:53-- Morphus1: Grats :D
10:56-- BoMango: Got star citizen :D
17:11-- A-Lock-A: «Click Here» Ghost Recon Finally out of beta.. Now Ghost Recon Phantoms!
12:25-- BoMango: xD
4:52-- bigwookie: Bit of a bromance going on here :P
16:37-- BoMango: C ya mate
16:37-- BoMango: You too
16:37-- BoMango: Alright :D
16:37-- Morphus1: Nice to chat with you bud
16:36-- Morphus1: so if your around i might seen you then
16:36-- Morphus1: alrighty bud, im gonna get this last bit of work done and then I might be on for some gaming later
16:35-- Morphus1: cool :)
16:35-- BoMango: Nah, some bar near the hotel
16:34-- Morphus1: did you get it in the airport?
16:34-- Morphus1: hahaha nice!
16:33-- BoMango: No idea, got a bottle of Jack last time I was there and no one said shit xD
16:33-- BoMango: Ah
16:33-- Morphus1: but if i want to bring some home i need a special licence
16:33-- Morphus1: i can if i go to a bar
16:33-- Morphus1: can't
16:32-- Morphus1: can just go get some though
16:32-- Morphus1: :P
16:32-- Morphus1: I know
16:32-- BoMango: You got booze in Dubai
16:32-- BoMango: But you're lucky
16:32-- BoMango: I hope so xD
16:31-- Morphus1: and then the worlds your oster!
16:31-- Morphus1: get that universsity out of the way
16:31-- Morphus1: yea that would be great, you should go for it!

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